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International Outsourcing


Your company can now benefit from International Outsourcing

International Outsource services are now available for your business, no matter what size it is.

Personal assistant outsource services are for busy individuals and small companies that need to get things done, but do not have the space, time, or budget, to hire even one full time person at the normal rates.

Corporate outsource services, for small to large companies, deliver the collective benefits of a skill set selected team of any size, for temporary work, projects, and on-going services, providing your company with a permanent advantage.

You can now draw upon the best from local and international locations, and put them to work for your benefit.


The Benefits From Outsourcing

“International Outsourcing allows your company to concentrate on what it does best, while being more adaptable. Your Company will be able to manage growth effectively while saving money. It also give you business access to new expertise and technology.”


Outsourcing benefits

l Major Cost Savings-Improve Profitability & Productivity

l Offset Currency Related & Other Rising Costs

l Have A Permanent Competitive Advantage

l Become More Efficient

l Get More Done With Less

l Grow Without The Usual Limitations

l Add Capacity And Focus On Your Core Revenue Generation 


Types Of Work That Are Often Outsourced

l IT Services

l Data Entry

l Software Programming

l Web Development Services

l eInfrastructure

l Operations

l Communications and Networking

l Call Centers

l Back Office Services

l Business Process Outsourcing  (BPO)


Starting The Outsource Process

l Identify The Areas To Be Outsourced.

l Which are your core strengths?

l What transactional and support processes that are necessary to support those 

    core strengths?

l What are your major expenses?

l What are your on strategic activities?

l What are the costs of doing it in-house? Include all costs such  as office space

    and share of other overhead costs.


For the selected services, describe the work that is done now. Include:

l The products and the services that are provided.

l The supporting resources that are required. (space, hardware, software, all the

    technology needed, phone fax, email, and all communications methods.)

l The HR resources, skills used, qualifications needed.


With Your Consultation, A Plan Is Created:

l It describes the activities the outsourced process


l Sets product and services delivery standards.

l Includes confidentiality and non-disclosure


l Has an implementation timetable.

l Details monitoring and reporting on the services.

l Lists all costs and payment terms.


It’s Easy To Get Started: Call Now For A Free No Obligation Consultation. We will show you how outsourcing will benefit your business.



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